In 2018, I got invited to India for a wedding. It was my first time there and I really had a blast!

After the wedding we decided to spend a couple of days in Pondicherry on the East Coast. As usual, I quickly checked on Google if there was any interesting piece of streetart to see in the city.

That’s how I found this graff from the streetartist Holm the tooth.

Here are my shots:

For whose familiar with Urbex, you might already know that the number 1 rule is to never share the exact location of the spot. So, for whose interested though, I will simply append below the indications I got from the artist.

Hi mate, There is one old distillery in Pondicherry, right at the seashore. The building is very run down, there are some families living in the basement part, upstairs its all ruins. Thats where we painted. IDK the exact location anymore, but its not too far from the sri aurobindo ashram, if you look towards the sea, on the left side, on the outskirts of the promenade. There was still plenty of free space to paint 😉

Without any doubt this was the best piece of streetart I have ever seen.
Very difficult to access, sensational to actually see it with my own eyes!