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The best streetart in Kathmandu, Nepal Danaé Brissonnet

When I explore a new city, I always try to get more information about what kind of street art can be found there. Because the graffs are often located in very different spots – sometimes in a super touristy area, sometimes in secret hidden places that only local people will know – at the end […]

Graffmap is now open sourced!

This story begins in 2014. At that time, Kickstarter was huge and I remembered that I financed a couple of projects via this platform. One of them was Graffmap, a very cool streetart app. Simple pitch, great ambitions: through their mobile, people would geolocalise themselves and find the closest streetart pieces. After a successful kickstarter campaign, […]

Where to find Banksy in London (2018 update)

Hunting Banksy’s art in the streets of London can be quite challenging. Due to the artist’s popularity, malicious and robbery acts have intensified quite significantly over the years. Because, there is nothing more frustrating that not finding the graffs you were looking for, I came up with this map. Features: Geo-coordinates Three colors: Green for […]