When I explore a new city, I always try to get more information about what kind of street art can be found there.

Because the graffs are often located in very different spots – sometimes in a super touristy area, sometimes in secret hidden places that only local people will know – at the end of the day I will have this unique overview of the city.

So in today’s article, I wanted to share with you my findings about Kathmandu.

The streetart scene is quite rich here and it’s hard to decide which one to see. After a couple of hours spent on Google I found out about Sattya art collective and Kolor Kathmandu though, an association which promotes streetart in Nepal.

In 2013, they invited the artist Danaé Brissonnet to paint on the wall of the Kupondole neighborhood. It’s about an hour walk from the city center but I am so glad I went there!

Look at all the details and the creativity of this mural! This is certainly one of the best one I have seen during my travels!


What I really like about this piece of art is that it literally fits within the street atmosphere. As you can see on the pictures above somebody is even drying some laundry on top of it!

If you are in Nepal and would like to see this streeart here are the exact geolocalisation coordinates (27.6871, 85.3144).

It’s worth noting that you can find a lot more streetart in this street.

Finally, as a conclusion to this article I would like really encourage you to checkout Danaé’s website where you can see a wide collection of her work. This is absolutely stunning!

EDIT: I just found out that the Kolor Kathmandu Facebook page had a step-by-step photo of Danae’s work. Check it out!