A year ago, my partner and I decided to quit our jobs and hop on a new kind of adventure, one year travelling around the world in Asia, Oceania and South America. 

As you can imagine packing for such a long period of time was not so easy (given that the weather would be really different from one place to another). So, before leaving London we did some extensive research to find the perfect set of clothes and accessories to take with us.

Below is the complete list that I annotated. If you are planning the same kind of trip, you might  find it useful. ;-).




Name Qty Explanations Image Reference
Good underwear 3 Easy to wash/dry Link
“Ready to Trash” underwear 3 Not super good quality underwear. There are there just in case. NA NA
Pair of light black socks 1 Useful when it’s super hot.
Plus color black = doesn’t stain.
Pair of sport socks 1 Useful as a backup Link
Pair of warm socks 2 Super soft and warm, love them! Link
Pair of super warm socks 1 Useful when super cold Link
Shorts 2 Need to be easy to wash/dry.
I bought one in mountain Warehouse (see picture)
The other one was more like a sporty one I bought in the street of Singapore
Convertible trousers 1 Can be used as a short trouser or long one Link
Fleece pants 1 In case it gets cold, can be worn under a regular pants.

Mine was black, don’t buy red stuff otherwise risk of washing machine dye.



Light Shirt (chemise in FR) 1 Easy to wash/dry.
(Brand was 
Short sleeve T shirt 2+1 Easy to wash/dry

2 Large Ice breaker (one grey, one black) + 1 cheap one bought in the street.
The reason why it’s large is because you are less hot / feeling more comfy

Warm T shirt 1 You will be happy to have it when it’s cold. Link
Long sleeves T shirt 1 Also resistant to mosquitoes. Link
Underlayer (top) 1 Stay warm at all time + can be used as a pajama if it gets really cold Link
Underlayer (bottom) 1 Stay warm at all time + can be used as a pajama if it gets really cold Link
Warm sweater 1 Easy to wash and can be worn in any circumstances Link
Rain coat 1 Chose this one because it’s light and cut the wind Link
Teva sandals   Super resistant Link
Mountain shoes 1 Very good quality mountain shoes (and yes they are also super red which I love :D) Link
Ski gloves 1 Bought a local brand on the spot in South Korea NA NA
Neck warmer 1 Not sure this one is absolutely necessary. Link
Belt 1 Additional tip: in this belt you can hide money inside
(the brand was Texier)
Swim short 1 Very basic but do the job Link
Warm hat 1 Very basic but do the job Link


Toilet bag

Name Qty Explanations Image Reference
Toilet bag 1 Expensive but so worth it! Link
Razors 3 Bought them one by one during  the trip. Not good quality but do the job NA NA
Nail cutter 1 Bought during the trip NA NA
Electric Toothbrush 1 For maximum hygiene we used the same electric toothbrush Link
Toothbrush heads 2 2 different “heads” that we were changing every country Link
Toothbrush case 1 We used this to keep the toothbrushes head isolated from the rest. Link
Tooth paste 1 Bought on the spot NA NA
Sleeping mask 1 Kept and used the one we got  from Quatar airways NA



Name Qty Explanations Image Reference
Basic liner (“sac à viande” in FR) 1 Useful when you stay in places where sheets are dirty Link
Backpack 1 60 + 15L to be adjustable Link
Backpack airplane cover 1 Really recommend this one. Design to protect the backpack in plane. Link
Backpack rain cover 1 This is designed to protect your backpack when it rains Link
Clothesline 2 Used to dry stuff on. 2 medium ropes are better than a single long one. Link
Clothes pins 10 Bought on the spot plastic one. Don’t buy the wooden one they rot easily… NA
Dry towel 1 Light and dry fast Link
Sunglasses 1 Bought in Boots. Buy the resistant one and not so expensive.  Otherwise you will be an easy target!
You will look like a nerd but at least you won’t have to rebuy one every 3 months.
Sunglasses box 1 Came with the sunglasses at Boots so we got it for free NA NA




Name Qty Explanations Image Reference
Semi warm dress 1 Bought in a second-hand store in London. Choose something easy to wash and comfy. NA NA
Soft short 1 Can be used when it’s super hot or as a pajama. NA
Pajama pants 1 In addition to the soft short. NA NA
Yoga pant 1 Bought in Nepal, semi warm. NA
Short 1 Another one Link
Convertible trouser 1 Can be used as a long pants or as a short Link 
Classic T-shirt 1 Bought on the spot, not so good quality. NA NA
Good T-shirt 2 Dry fast and stay warm Link
Long sleeve T-Shirt 1 Dry fast and stay warm Link
Tank top 1 Used when it get’s super hot (prefer grey over black) NA
Blouse (Chemisier in FR) 1 NA NA
Underwears 13 NA NA NA
Sport bra 1 NA Link
Good quality bra 1 Easy to dry Link
Regular bra 1 NA NA NA
Pairs of light socks 4 NA NA NA
Warm socks 2 Useful when it gets colder Link
Bunch of scrunchie (“chouchou”) NA NA NA
Fleece sweater 1 To stay warm Link
Base layer (top) 1 To stay warm under your clothes Link
Base layer (bottom) 1 To stay warm under your clothes Link
Rain coat 1 Good quality rain coat Link
Ski gloves 1 Bought on the spot  in South Korea NA NA
Neck warmer 1 Not sure this one is really necessary but we loved it. Link
Belt 1 A classic belt NA NA
Swim suit 1 A classic one NA NA




Name Qty Explanations Image Reference
Basic liner (“sac à viande”) 1 Useful when you stay in places where sheets are not so clean Link
Bagpack 1 Only 65L, it’s too big otherwise Link
Backpack plane protection 1 Note that this plane cover is lighter than the decathlon one. Link
Backpack cover 1 NA Link
Teva sandals 1 Good quality sandals Link
Mountain shoes 1 Good quality mountain shoes Link
Sunglasses 1 Bought one from Boots NA NA
Sunglasses box 1 This time we bought a rigid box to make sure the sunglasses don’t get crushed NA NA
Pair of backup glasses 1 Backup in case we are out of contact lenses NA NA
Box for the backup glasses 1 To not crush them NA NA
Sleeping mask 1 Kept and used the one from Quatar airways NA
Head towel 1 To dry your hair after the shower Link
Dry towel 1 Small and easy to dry Link
Warm hat 1 Very basic but do the job Link


Toilet bag 

Name Qty Explanations Image Reference
Toilet bag 1 Classic black toilet bag NA NA
Toothbrush case 1 To keep the toothbrushes head isolated from the rest Link
Hair brush 1 Bought a good quality one in South korea NA NA
Woman shaving Razor 1 NA NA NA
Contact lenses 1000 Ordered a starter pack on amazon then bought more in Taiwan (they are cheap there). NA NA
Feminine hygiene pack 1 NA NA NA
Tweezer 1 Bought a good quality one Link
Floss filament 1 NA Link


Common stuff


Name Qty Explanations Image Reference


1 To listen to music. Don’t take expensive one (target). Don’t take big one either. NA
Macbook Pro 1 It’s so much easier to have a computer rather than just a phone or a tablet + you can actually do some work on it. Took an older one that I was not going to regret if stolen. NA
Waterproof bag for computer 1 To make sure the computer stay dry and resist to the shocks. Would definitely recommend this brand! Link
Gopro 1 We started with an old model (3) and bought a more recent one in Australia (at JBhifi – good deals). Essential to take photos or videos underwater / in environment where the phone is not suitable. We also had a Gopro case + stick. NA
iPhone 5s 1 Not so recent phone with good camera + classic apps on it NA
iPhone cases 2 To make sure the iPhones are not going to break if it falls. Link
iPhone screen protection 1 To make sure the iPhone screen is not going to break. Link
iPhone 4s 1 An older iPhone which we could use as a backup if the other one got stolen (not so big either) NA
SIM card (UK) 1 This SIM card is always kept in the old iPhone and used as a reliable way to contact us (we use giffgaff as operator) NA NA
SIM card (foreign) 1 When we enter a new country we usually bought a new SIM card with a prepaid plan. This one is inserted in the iPhone 5s NA NA
Power bank 1 Life saver when the battery of the iPhone dies (would definitely recommend this Brand) Link
Computer charging cable 1 Classic Macbook cable NA
iPhone 5s charging cable 1 It was a bit annoying that the charging cable was different… NA NA
iPhone 4s charging cable 1 … From one iPhone to another NA NA
Power bank charging cable 1 NA NA
Electric toothbrush charger 1 NA NA NA
Cable for GoPro 1 Used to charge and to connect to the computer NA NA
European USB charger 2 Take 2 with you, to charge multiple devices at the same time NA
US => English or European plug 


1 It’s important to think ahead and have different adapter NA NA
Asia => English or European plug 1 Same NA NA
USB universal card adapter 1 Insert any cards in this USB stick to read the content on the computer NA
USB key 1 Waterproof Link


Bags and container

Name Qty Explanations Image Reference
Small Backpack 1 1 Used to transport stuff with us on a daily basis Link
Small Backpack 2 1 Additional backpack that we used when we really had to transport a lot of stuff Link
Dry bag 1 Used to store our dirty laundry or keep stuff dry Link
Packing cube 6 3 for me, 3 for her. Huge time saver! Link
Semi dry bag 1 Used to store important documents Link
Classic Tote bag 1 Used to store all the electronics NA NA
Plastic box 5 1 big, 1 Medium, 3 smalls to keep things organized Link
Long plastic box 1 Bought a cheap one in Vietnam, used to store the contact lenses + additional medicine NA NA
Sleeping bag bag 1 Just the bag without the sleeping bag. We bought this in Nepal turned out to be super light and practical. NA NA
Kinder egg container 1 Used to transport medicine and small items NA
Important documents bag 1 Super practical to keep all your important document safe. Link
Spare dollars in envelope 1 We usually used these dollars to pay the Visas at the border and as a backup in case we got stolen NA NA
Waterproof bag for passport 1 Protected our passports (don’t buy lifeadventure not resistant enough) NA
Money bag 1 To keep the money at end and make sure to not lose it.
Bought a not so expensive one at Kruitvat, made it to the end.
Credit card holder 1 Super useful to keep all your credit card at the same place Link
Medicine bag 1 Foldable medicine bag Link



Name Qty Explanations Image Reference
Flip flops 2 In hostels when you have to take a shower it’s always better to have a pair + for the beach NA NA
Code Padlocks 3 2 were used to lock the airplane protection covers. 1 was used for the small backpack. NA NA
Mini notebook 1 To keep important notes. Link
Spare sheets of paper 3-5 Sometimes it’s good to have something to mark stuff on NA NA
Duck tape 1 Useful to “fix” stuff like shoes or cables Link
Frontal lamps 2 Can save your life if it get’s dark and you are lost + can be used in caves. Take a decent quality one with 3 bands to go around your head (more comfy) Link
Resistant plastic spoon/knife 2 Used to eat Link
Earplugs 25 We benchmarked a lot of brands. This one is totally worth it! Link
Mosquito spray 2 Take a good brand Link
Sunscreen 1 Nivea is a good one, in France there is also a good cheap one in Lidl! NA
Scuba masks 2 The standard one are doing the job. Link
ABN bank machine 1 Used to identify ourself when making a transaction NA
HSBC bank machine 1 Used to identify ourself when making a transaction. (Our other account was also linked on the phone in case we lost the device) NA
Soap 1 To wash yourself or the clothes (no need to buy specific soap for that, just don’t take one that is too heavy) NA
Conditioner 1 For the hair NA NA
Swiss knife army 1 Main use: the pair of scissors + the can opener + nail screwer NA
Carabiners 5 Used to hang stuff or cling things together. Super practical Link
Pens 5 One in each bag and a spare one NA NA
Lifestraw 1 Used to filter water. Super useful when trekking. Lasted exactly one year (note that replacement filters can be hard to find) Link
Books 3 We tried to limit the number of books because it was heavy. Book exchange is a good solution for this NA NA
Mosquito net 1 Life saver when there are a bunch of bugs all around. Chose a big and good quality one for comfort Link
Nail 1 When there is no way we can attach the net and we really need to it: Used this nail to screw in the wall  NA NA
Nalgene bottle 1 Useful when trekking. Otherwise the life straw is enough. NA
Plastic bags Used to wrap stuff + as trash bags NA NA


Important documents 

Name Quantity Explanations Image Reference
Passports 2 We redid our passport to have more visa pages  NA
International vaccination notebook 2 Important to show the vaccination you had (required in some countries – especially south-america) NA
Driving license 1 Sometimes just the driving license allows you to rent a bike or a car NA
International driving license 1 … We also made an international driving license that turned out to be very practical. NA
Paper copy of passport  2 In case we lost them. We also made an online copy of all our important documents NA NA


Medicine bag (content)

Name Quantity Explanations Reference
Malaria Pills x We went several times in zones where there was a potential Malaria risk.
Used these tabs just to be sure.
Got this in a travel clinic
Aloe vera cream 1 For sunburns Got this in a pharmacy
Panadol 1 Use for any pain Got this in a pharmacy
Cinnarizine 2 Antihistaminic Got this in a pharmacy
Dulcolax 1 Constipation Relief Got this in a pharmacy
Omeprazole 1 Treat gastroesophageal reflux disease Got this in a pharmacy
Oral electrolyte powder 1 Rehydration in diarrheal illness Got this in a pharmacy
Diarrhea relief pills X Relief pain Got this in a pharmacy
Ondansetron 1 Prevent nausea and vomiting Got this in a pharmacy
Threadworms pills 1 Treat threadworm infections. Got this in a pharmacy
Compeed Medium Blister Plasters 5 Help with blisters Got this in a pharmacy
Microporous tape 1 Used for various stuff Got this in a pharmacy
Remove tick tool 1 Used to remove ticks Got this in a pharmacy
Inhaler 1 For difficulties to breath Got this in a pharmacy
Contact lense fluid 1 For the contact lenses Got this in a pharmacy
Stretch bandage 1 Helps if something breaks Got this in a pharmacy
Hand sanitizer 2 Disinfects (we had 2: big one + daily use one) Got this in a pharmacy


Final words

In addition to the advices listed above, here are some other random tips that might help you pack better:

  • Buy very good quality stuff (meaning usually expensive), it’s worth it. It may seem like a lot of money to spend upfront but you will be so glad to have good quality stuff in perilous situations!
  • Don’t stress too much about packing, it’s nearly impossible to think of everything you need. The important thing here is to buy the expensive and good quality product first. You will be able to  buy the cheap one during your travels.
  • Don’t buy red stuff and avoid white. I insist on this one because you really don’t want to have a machine dye that ruins all your other clothes.
  • Put a tracker on all your important devices. It’s a lifesaver if it gets stolen.
  • If you can, start your travel in a country where there is a local Decathlon store (like Thailand). You will be able to buy a lots of stuff there for the local (and cheap) price
  • Take a lot of spare dollars with you. There are accepted almost anywhere.

Good luck!