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  • Category:
    Full-time work
  • Date:
    2013-2015 (18 months)
  • Tools used:

360Learning is an LMS (Learning Management System) designed to help companies boost their internal employee’s training program. Packaged as a SaaS (Software as a Service), they are now one of the world’s leaders in the industry.

I joined the company in 2013 as a frontend developer and therefore was part of this incredible adventure at the very beginning.

Key outcomes:

  • Coded the client-facing website and landing pages.
  • Technical setup of lead funnels.
  • These changes helped converting new clients and signing new deals (from 50k€ ARR to 1.5M€ ARR).


Responsibilities, results and reflection.

Industrializing the LPs

From 0 to 200 Landing Pages in less than 6 months

Building a deal's machine

Potential lead ⇒ Recurring client


Implementation and automation