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  • Category:
    Full-time work
  • Date:
    2017-2018 (20 months)
  • Tools used:

As a Solutions Engineer working in the BBC Experimentation team, I was responsible for turning business requirements into tangible tools and deliverables through my technical expertise.
Being the sole technical expert within the wider team, I was required to adapt to changing business needs, keep abreast of the latest development, and constantly gain new skills.

Key outcomes:

  • Drove the internal adoption of Optimizely, our A/B testing provider.
  • Developed apps, modules and A/B tests that were pushed live to millions of users.


Responsibilities, results and reflection.

Headline testing made easy

Case study n°1

Building a Culture of Experimentation

Case study n°2

How to better monitor Optimizely's activity

Case study n°3